Flint OS for PC installation instructions

    Modern way

    A new tool for USB drive / SD card burning has been released into beta called etcher. We use it here to test our builds and absolutely love it! It is multi platform and runs on Windows , macOS and major Linux operating systems. It has an elegant look and a self-explanatory interface, as illustrated below:

    etcher in action

    You can download etcher for your Windows / macOS / Linux at https://etcher.io.

    You need to prepare a minimum 8GB USB flash drive. Note that all data in this drive will be erased with the following flashing process so please back up before proceeding.

    Please download the desired variant of Flint OS for PC from our download page. Once you have downloaded the .xz file, open it within etcher there is no need to rename or extract the image. Select the USB drive you want to use and click Flash! etcher will do the rest and will prompt you once everything has been taken care of.

    Take out the USB drive and plug into your PC, reboot it and configure to boot from USB media. You are ready to enjoy Flint OS on PC!