Download – Flint OS for PC v1.1

  • Flint OS for PC

  • v1.1 Vanilla
  • Supports major graphics chips except Nvidia
  • Built with Chromium R60
  • Built on 30/09/2017
  • Download
  • Instructions

Release notes

Continuing with the release schedule we are pleased to announce Flint OS v1.1 Vanilla based on Chromium OS r60.

As well as the improvements in r60 of Chromium OS such as GPU rasterization there are a lot of improvements on the Flint OS side.

Release Highlights:

  • Significant wifi fixes, if wifi was not working on your machine before it really should be now!
  • Optimisation to boot times on some machines
  • Dual Boot support currently still in beta but feel free to give it a try instructions can be found here.
  • By default we have currently left a bare bones touchpad solution which should be compatible with a very broad range of touchpads. However if you would like more advanced functionality such as two finger scrolling please follow the instructions over at our FAQ.

Please email, tweet or message on the Reddit about your experience with the release. Your information will really help us shape the next version of the OS!

SHA256(.xz): 1a52330a137d59ef7e852d3ec5961b2bfe68f6536d512b616b212477beac6e6b
SHA256(.img): 4aa0017b7587e3ed6a9094de734c315d9038ab5a12574d3b33dc4d1ca427f9b5

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