Download – Flint OS for PC v1.0

  • Flint OS for PC

  • v1.0
  • Supports major graphics chips except Nvidia
  • Built with Chromium R59
  • Built on 16/08/2017
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Release notes

It has been a while but we hope it has been worth the wait!

I’ll start with some background asto why there has been a bit of a delay between releases. With Chromium OS r55 onwards the Chromium developers started to remove the X based graphics backend and replace it with Freon. Freon has many advantages over X but broad out-of-the-box compatibility with different graphics setup’s isn’t one of them.

The minigbm (freon) package has great support for Intel graphics chips and other ARM based solutions but is lacking Ati/AMD and Nvidia support. Our plan is to add support for these other GPU’s over time eventually regaining the broad graphics support previously possible.

Our first step has been to enable Radeon card support which we have successfully submitted back to the upstream project. If you want to get involved please feel free to contribute to the minigbm development within the chromium OS project.

Release Highlights:

  • Based on Chromium OS r59
  • Lots of new material design changes through the OS
  • Move to Freon Graphics backend
  • Native Printing support

Known Issues:

  • Does not currently support Nvidia GPU
  • Initial Radeon support – please feedback if you have a system with a radeon GPU we have confirmed it works great on an Ati 4330
  • There seems to be a chromium bug where Wi-Fi appears during boot then can switch off. This seems to be affecting a very limited number of chipsets from our testing

This is also the beginning of our new release cycle. We are aiming to maintain a staggered release one version behind the stable Chrome OS. Therefore Flint OS 60 will be released when Chrome OS 61 reaches the stable channel. Smaller releases with bugfixes and features will come when ready but the larger core OS updates will take place around every 6 weeks.

Please email, tweet or message on the Reddit about your experience with the release. Your information will really help us shape the next version of the OS!

SHA256(.xz): a520183c5299715e4d95e5a55933615e7e3b90c234adeafe90fc3dcc68a6e223
SHA256(.img): ac410c9d3ffb24b8016949219fb9e632775b20ee6b91b6595b258d0e4710375f

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