Download – Flint OS for RPi v0.3

Release notes

Flint OS for Pi v0.3 is now available for download. We have been hard at work on improving the feature set of Flint OS and will have more exciting updates soon!

We have updated to Chromium 56 which brings new Material Design elements, Web Bluetooth API and more. We have also enabled the onboard bluetooth with the support by the Pi developers, thanks for the help!

There are some known issues users should be aware of:

  • The Chromium browser icon sometimes requires a double click or right click to launch the Chromium browser
  • Note the bluetooth is quite flaky currently and disabling it may require a reboot to activate it again

As always, please get in contact via the Reddit or with feedback so we can build fixes into future versions.

Previous releases

Flint OS for RPi v0.2.1 “Beetle”

Flint OS for RPi v0.2 “Beetle”

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