Download – Flint OS for RPi v0.21 “Beetle”

Release notes

v0.2.1 of Flint OS for Pi is now available! Thanks to the testing of the community we can also confirm this release works on the Pi3 and Pi2 but users of the Pi3 will find the experience much smoother.

For this release we have worked on improving the performance of the v0.2.1 release to beat the older v0.1.x releases while using the updated kernel and r55 Chromium release. As the benchmarks below show we have done this and more!

Some of the highlights of the release are detailed below.

  • Octane scores are up by 21%
  • Boot time has been reduced by 16%
  • Implemented memory management tweaks to “kill” tabs once the system starts to run out of memory
  • Improved page loading times
  • Improved UI responsiveness when under high memory activity
  • Activated additional security features
  • Implemented Crosh

Note: all our testing is done on the same SD card for consistency as performance can vary dramatically between SD cards.

There are some known issues users should be aware of.

  • The Chromium browser icon sometimes requires a double click or right click to launch the Chromium browser
  • The time sync requires setting your timezone within the chromium settings page. (unless you are lucky enough to live in LA, that’s the default)

Next Steps

  • We have done some testing on r56 branch last week and it looks to be running quite well. Now that it has reached the stable channel we will look to make our next a r56 release!
  • More performance tweaks and bug fixes!
  • Look at making larger image sizes avaliable for download if that is something people would like.

Please get in contact via the Reddit or with feedback so we can build fixes into v0.2.1 and beyond.

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