Download – Flint OS for RPi v0.2 “Beetle”

Release notes

After months of work I am pleased to announce v0.2 “Beetle” of Flint OS for the Pi.

v0.2 is our new baseline, it is based on the 4.4 LTS kernel and r55 of Chromium OS. There is a lot of performance tweaks to build in and bugs that we need to look out for, but from our internal testing performance currently feels inline with our older v0.1.5 release.

Moving from r49 to r55 of Chromium has brought with it almost a year of updates and I have highlighted some of the changes below.

  • Material Design updates
  • 50% reduction in V8 Javascript engine memory usage from r53 to r55
  • Updated Mesa drivers which should result in improved graphics performance
  • Updated Files functionality such as image resizing
  • Additional Kiosk mode functionality
  • Reduced offscreen rendering overhead
  • Site Preloading functionality
  • Loads of security updates!
  • Chromecast support (although I wouldn’t recommend trying to use it currently!)
  • Users can now sign in and out of a account without the system restarting

There are some known issues users should be aware of.

  • The Chromium Icon sometimes requires a double click or right click to open the Chromium browser.
  • Longer than anticipated initial sync times when logging in.
  • No sound output via the headphone jack to external speakers/headphones (HDMI audio is fine)
  • Opening more than 5 tabs currently leads to system freezes.
  • The time sync requires setting your timezone within the chromium settings page. (unless you are lucky enough to live in LA, that’s the default)

Please get in contact via the Reddit or with feedback so we can build fixes into v0.2.1 and beyond.

We can’t wait to release v0.2.1+ and integrate the performance tweaks we had built into v0.1.5.

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