Download – Flint OS for RPi v0.15 “ATOM”

Release notes

Flint OS is an OS built on the fantastic open source project Chromium OS. This first release is designed to get feedback from the Pi and Chromium community as to the speed and stability of the OS. Once we have improved this we will start to build in some more features as requested by the community and our roadmap.

We are really excited to announce Flint OS for RPi “ATOM” v0.15 for download. A lot of work has gone into troubleshooting issues with the onboard wifi which we can confirm now works.

  • In addition to the working onboard wifi there is some updated branding and performance tweaks to make the system more stable.

  • Work on v0.2 continues and some big performance improvements will really help turn our little Pi’s into awesome browsing machines!

Please feedback on our Reddit (r/flintos) or reach out to us via twitter or .

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