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Release notes

It gives us great pleasure to announce our first release of Flint OS for Pi!

Flint OS is an OS built on the fantastic open source project Chromium OS. This first release is designed to get feedback from the Pi and Chromium community as to the speed and stability of the OS. Once we have improved this we will start to build in some more features as requested by the community and our roadmap.

So what do you guys need to know regarding V0.1 the “Atom” Release? (our OS releases are going to be named after cars as our Dev team are quite fond of them 🙂 )

  • We have spent a lot of time tweaking memory management. We are trying to ensure the system remains usable at all times with no big freezes. This means tabs will be killed to ensure memory is available at all times. Please feedback on your experiences with this as we really want the system to feel as smooth as possible. (Please let the Pi 4 have 2gb ram)

  • Videos at 480p should stream with no stuttering, 720p there is a bit more stuttering than we would like at the moment but videos are perfectly watchable.

  • We have stress tested the build and it does get warm as most OS do on the pi3 but we would appreciate feedback on any crashes or performance throttling you may experience.

  • Wi-Fi should work with certain adapters, we know the official raspberry pi adapter works as does a netis adapter. Unfortunately the onboard wifi and Bluetooth do not currently work but this something we are looking into.

  • Flash is not included due to licensing and the performance hit but we are working on a way for users to install once they are using the OS.

  • If you decide to log on with a very large google account with loads of heavy extensions the inbuilt memory management may kill some processes used by the operating system such as wifi. Please feedback if you experience anything funky happening here.

One of our immediate goals is to update the chromium version from r49 to a more up-to-date version as there have been some big performance increases recently.

This is something our small team has been working on their free time, we really hope people will enjoy using the product and are keen to help us improve it.

Please contact us via the signup form on this site or come say hi on our new subreddit /r/FlintOS.