The Public Raspberry Pi Github is here!

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Hi All

After lots of requests we have taken the time to clean up our Raspberry Pi build system and code base, so we can create a public Github for our Raspberry Pi images.

Previously when you have asked how to contribute to the OS we have encouraged people to check out the chromium project. By creating our public github we are hopefully making it easier to respond to issues and collaborate with the community.

Currently there are two branches the “x11” and “master” branch.

The “x11” branch is the legacy branch for all releases running on chromium r56 and earlier. You are welcome to try and build newer versions of chromium with this branch but there are likely to be issues.

The “master” branch is our new freon branch that works with r57 releases of chromium and newer. Currently we have successfully used this to boot r59 and r60 of chromium. Please note this branch is currently quite unstable.

Our high level development goals for the master branch over the next few months are :

  • Move to the 4.12 chromium kernel
  • Follow the chromium release schedule by remaining one version behind stable, this allows us to work on mature code that should contain less surprises and changes.
  • Stablise the freon “master” branch to the levels of the old x11 builds.

Any contributions to these areas would be great and feel free to suggest and submit changes for anything you feel needs improving or adding.

You can find the repositories at . We are really looking forward to what comes next!

PS: If you haven’t already help us rebrand. More information can be found here!

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TL Lim says:

22nd September 2017 at 3:50 am

I am PINE64 founder. If your team have interest to port teh flint os to pinebook,, we have interest to collaborate.


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