Chromium 53 is bringing big performance boosts!

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Chromium 53 is on track to hit stable in September and there are some big performance boosts incoming according to Android Police. The motionmark benchmark on a Pixel C running Android M were seeing over 1000% increase in SVG rendering vs Chrome 51.

We have done some  benchmarks of Chrome 52 and 53 running on a Dell 11 Chromebook with 4gb of ram. We performed each test 3 times to create an average.

r52 r53 % Increase/(Decrease)
Octane 2.0 12364 12436 0.6%
The Verge Loading times 8.5 7.8 (8.2%)
BBC Loading times 4.08 3.83 (6.29%)

While not achieving the huge boosts in the specific tests from the motionmark benchmark achieving an 8% decrease in page loading times is a very welcome performance boost on ageing hardware. Quite the opposite is true for Windows and Mac based OS over time.

If anyone has an n2830/40 or n3000 series Chromebook I would be really keen to see if there is any improvement on those processors as they are a bit slower in real world use than my trusty 2955u.

These improvements will be great for users of Flint OS particularly for lower end devices such as the Raspberry pi.

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Paul says:

31st August 2017 at 1:06 pm

Any news on Flash working in chromium? I know its on its way out, but its still essential right now. Any way to install it ourselves in Flint?
Im excited about flint but no flash is killing it for me due to sites that require it


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