The best Web based Workflow Boosters

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Since setting up Flint Innovations and having the freedom to move to productivity tools of my choosing I have been searching for the ultimate Pomodoro app to structure my workflow. Having tried everything from a traditional notepad and pen to dedicated apps I think I have found a set of tools that combines timing , lists and productivity tracking.

What is Trello?

Trello is a very simple but powerful card based management tool. It appears first very simple but with a bit of planning you can set-up whole teams using a Trello board to manage a development process or marketing plan. There are plenty of template boards to get you started as well. We use Trello here at Flint to allow a single view of the business activities.

The Pomello Workflow

Pomello is a Chrome app that links to Trello to “Pomodoroize” (I hope this word catches on) your tasks. It works by you signing into Pomello and linking the two apps via Google sign in. You can then access your Trello boards from the Pomello popup. If you are not familiar with the Pomodoro technique it is a brilliant way to increase productivity by breaking tasks up into simple 25-minute chunks you can check out the creators site here.

You select the task you want to work on from a list you have already created in Trello. Click start and away you go! It as simple as that.


The app has 4 states depending on what stage of the workflow you are in

If you complete the task you can mark the task as completed and move it to an assigned Trello list. If you still have more to do you can continue after the break or choose to start a new task after the break. It all syncs with Trello in the background so you don’t have to go back into Trello to manage the cards.

Feature Wishlist!

It would be great if it could also implement a non-distraction mode into chrome while you are in work mode. Sometimes despite your best intentions, you can still get drawn away to check that Reddit thread you created or cat videos that must be watched.

Another tool I have been using is Habitica, a fantastic way to introduce gamification to all those tasks you want to undertake with the aim to turn them into habits rather than quick fads. I’m only just getting started with Habitica and will write an article about my experiences after a few weeks of use.

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