Native Chrome OS support for Displaylink Products

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The inevitable rise of the 1 or 2 USB C ported Chromebooks and Chromium devices will soon have a universal docking station enabling them to connect to a variety of displays all through one USB port. Displaylink recently announced native Chrome OS support for their technology which allows multiple monitors to be powered by a single USB port.

Chromium OS with its minimal design looks fantastic on a large high-quality screen, I love plugging my Dell 11 into my monitor and working away on that rather than my windows PC.

Another benefit of the DisplayLink docks are the USB C charging. With USB C becoming more prevalent the 1 port issue on the latest Macbook will be become less of an issue over time(for now though it’s still a right pain).

We will do some digging and update the article if the support is built into Chromium or Chrome.

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